Ceramizer® preparations and additives for the regeneration of the engine, gearbox and friction mechanisms.

Engine regeneration by ceramization - Ceramizer® engine oil additives

Ceramization is an innovative technology that allows you to regenerate engines, gearboxes, bridges and other mechanisms in which there is friction of metal against metal. The ceramic layer is formed by combining and diffusing Ceramizer® molecules with metal molecules moving in the oil. The effect of the ceramization process is the creation of a special ceramic-metal layer that fills the cavities in the metal structure and restores the nominal state of the mechanism.

Engine regeneration and ceramic layer creation take place automatically. Already after driving 200 km from the moment of applying the additive to the engine oil , you can feel a positive change. The use of Ceramizers in the form of oil additives saves time and money. The application of the preparation is fast and trouble-free, and the cost of regeneration of the mechanism carried out in this way is up to 30 times lower than in the case of a traditional repair service.

Ceramizer® products also improve the operation of the gearbox and the power steering system. They allow you to reduce fuel consumption and prevent breakdowns. This preparation for engine regeneration works not only in cars and motorcycles. It can also be used in agricultural tractors, motorboat equipment and in lawn mowers and petrol saws.

Ceramizer® engine oil additives have undergone a number of tests, including oil-free driving tests and industrial tests. Their effectiveness is also evidenced by numerous opinions of drivers, which can be read below.


Learn about the benefits of Using Ceramizer® Oil Additives

Engine Oil Additive (CS)

Ceramizer® CS creates a regenerating and protective layer on the metal friction surfaces of the engine. This layer fills the cavities in the metal structure and thus regenerates the friction surfaces of the engine.

  • Reduces fuel consumption by 3% to 15%
  • Reduces oil consumption and so-called. smoke
  • Increases and equalizes the compression pressures in the cylinders.
  • Silences and evens out the engine
  • Facilitates cold start of the engine (especially in winter)
  • Slightly improves vehicle dynamics
  • Avoids costly repairs in many cases
  • Regenerates and protects the engine against excessive wear
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Transmission oil additive (CB)

Ceramizer® CB produces a special ceramic-metal layer that fills any cavities on the surfaces of gearbox parts This layer regenerates and protects the mechanism, protecting it from excessive wear.

  • Makes it easy to change gears.
  • It regenerates synchronizers, which eliminates grinding when changing gears.
  • Silences the work of gearboxes, rear bridges, transmissions.
  • It extends the durability of the mechanisms by up to 10 times.
  • It avoids very expensive repairs.
  • Regenerates and protects friction surfaces.
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Addition to Hydraulic Power Steering (CK)

Ceramizer® CK creates a protective ceramic-metal coating that covers and eliminates all micro-damage, deformation and scratches within the steering system.

  • Regenerates the assistance system.
  • Reduces resistance when turning the steering wheel.
  • It ensures smooth and quiet operation of the power steering system.
  • It keeps new and used devices in the best possible condition.
  • Prevents rust and corrosion.
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Fuel refiner (CP)

Ceramizer® CP cleans the fuel supply system. It removes existing contaminants and prevents the formation of further ones. It supports the operation of the fuel system and starting the engine at low temperature.

  • It cleans the entire fuel supply system and helps keep it clean.
  • Reduces fuel consumption by 2 - 4%.
  • Facilitates cold starting, especially at low temperatures.
  • Reduces noise and smoke.
  • It reduces the effects of using lower quality fuels.
  • Extends the life of the fuel supply system.
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Firma Ceramizer D. Kosiorek Sp. k., previously known as Vidar, was established in 1996. Within a few years, we have gained the trust of customers with proven in operation preparations for engine regeneration. Our products can be used in passenger cars, trucks, motorcycles and in various types of machines and devices.

Based on the experience gained, we have created Ceramizers®, i.e. unique additives for engine oil, which, thanks to the technology of creating a ceramic-metal layer on the friction surface of the metal, regenerate and protect friction surfaces during the operation of the devices.
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