Ceramizers for tractors and agricultural machinery

Tractors and other agricultural machinery usually operate in harsh conditions of high dustiness, boggy ground or high temperatures. That is why it is necessary to provide solid support and protection to mechanisms such as the engine or gearbox. It is enough to reach for Ceramizer® preparations, and field work will take place without interruptions.

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  • Ceramizer CBAT for automatic transmissions

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  • Engine (CS-A) Ceramizer for engines of agricultural vehicles and machinery

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  • Transmission (CB-A) – Ceramizer for gearbox of vehicles and agricultural machinery

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  • Steering wheel (CK) – Ceramizer for hydraulic power steering

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  • Fuel (CP) – Ceramizer – Fuel refiner

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  • Fuel (CP2) – Ceramizer – Fuel refiner

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Products for agricultural equipment

Tractors and other agricultural machinery are usually used very intensively. The operation of the engines of such devices takes place in a variety of weather conditions, and high dustiness or moving on boggy ground is an additional difficulty. With this in mind, we have developed unique engine oil additives specifically for agricultural machinery. Although they are most often used for tractors, they can be successfully used for engines:

  • Combines
  • Front loader
  • self-propelled sprayers,
  • other agricultural machinery.

Engine regeneration in agricultural equipment

Ceramic oil additive works well in agricultural machinery. The protective and regenerative coating is produced during normal engine operation in just 25 mth. It provides protection for the parts most exposed to friction forces for a period of 1150 mth. Taking into account the fact that Ceramizer® allows you to reduce fuel consumption at the level of 3% to 15%, it can be concluded that the costs incurred for the purchase of the preparation will pay off after about 100 mth of work.

Improving fuel quality

Various contaminants can accumulate in the fuel tank. This should be noted especially in the case of agricultural machinery, which usually works in more difficult conditions than passenger cars or motorcycles. Therefore, it is worth using our fuel additives. Their task is to clean the entire fuel system. By removing contaminants from injectors, combustion chambers, piston crowns and valve caps, the fuel refiner contributes to extending engine life.