Become a distributor - preparations for the regeneration of the engine, gearbox and other mechanisms

Become a distributor

Distribution of Ceramizers

Become a distributor of Ceramizers, you will receive high discounts, leaflets, banners, displays, access to the B2B platform and everything you need to increase your sales.

Why is it worth cooperating with us?

  1. You receive high discounts – to determine the size of the discount please contact us by phone: 600 294 445.
  2. We provide constant advertising and promotion in the media: Internet , search engines, adwords text advertising, TV, radio advertising, trade press, car rallies, 1/4 mile races.
  3. We provide our representatives free of charge:
    • Leaflets (A4 format folded into 3 parts) which contain space for your stamp.
    • Customer reviews in electronic form (more than 250 pages).
    • Banners to display in front of the company (dimensions 200×70 cm or 90×150).
    • Ceramizera Handbook – printed version, 60 pages.
    • Stickers (dimensions: 60×15 cm, 33×8 cm, 17×4 cm).
    • Shop displays.
    • Certificate of an authorized reseller.
    • Posters (B2 format) with one-sided, double-sided pendant, glued to the wall/door.
  4. Delivery of goods takes place by mail – no later than the next business day from placing the order.
  5. We provide continuous product development, advertising and support.
  6. We put your company’s data on the map Where to buy Ceramizers?
  7. You get access to a B2B platform that allows distributors to place orders easily and quickly online.
  8. They receive materials for sale on the Internet (on the website, in the online store, auction site).

Before starting cooperation, please read the
recommendations for online sales of Ceramizer products.

Why are Ceramizers better than competing products?

  1. Ceramizers regenerate and protect mechanisms during vehicle operation, this is confirmed by tests, customer reviews (over 250 pages) and industrial research.
  2. Ceramizer is the most well-known and valued by customers preparation for the regeneration of engines and gearboxes (available on the market since 1996).
  3. Ceramisers do not contain Teflon, are not oil thickeners (1 dose is only 4 ml), do not change the rheological properties of the oil.
  4. Customers accept Ceramizers because they are: easy to use, meet the needs of customers, at an affordable price.

Terms of cooperation:

  • Discounts are granted on retail prices posted on the
  • Maintaining stock levels to ensure the continuity of sales of Ceramizers®.

When ordering, please specify the number of posters, leaflets, newsletters with customer opinions and remember to provide the name and address of the company, the name and surname of the person responsible for the order and the telephone number and e-mail address.

Contact us, let’s start cooperation:

Artur Konaszewski
Tel. (22) 498 09 08, mobile. 600 29 44 45

Ceramizer D. Kosiorek Sp. K.
hive. Bartycka 116
00-716 Warsaw
open Mon-Fri 9-17

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