About us - preparations for the regeneration of the engine, gearbox and other mechanisms

About us

Firma Ceramizer Sp.k., previously operating under the name Vidar, was established in 1996. From the very beginning of its activity, its specialty is the production of high-quality preparations for the regeneration and protection of devices, engines and mechanisms consumed in the friction process.

Ceramizer® preparations are products of completely Polish production and remain the property of the company with Polish capital Ceramizer Sp.k. Ceramizers have® been available on the Polish market for over 25 years. During this time, they not only confirmed their effectiveness in the opinions of users and experts, but also the Ceramizer® brand has become synonymous with quality and reliability, and the company name is commonly used to describe the entire family of products – additives for engine oil.

The national distribution network has over 1500 distribution points, and abroad we are already present in several countries around the world. The sectors in which Ceramizer® preparations are used are the automotive industry, but also industry and transport. In our daily work, we value honesty and listen to our customers, striving to constantly improve the level of quality of our products and services. This allows us to constantly react to changing market conditions.



Ceramizer D. Kosiorek Sp. K. strives to make Ceramizers® the preferred and trusted preparations, both for individual users of vehicles and devices, as well as for institutional partners. We want to achieve this goal by creating products that meet the highest quality standards, solutions adapted to market conditions, constantly improved thanks to Polish technological thought. When we act, we are guided by such values as:

  • honesty in action;
  • consistency in communication;
  • flexibility of the proposed solutions;
  • care for all ceramizer® brand stakeholders.



Dariusz Kosiorek


Inventor of the product and owner of Ceramizer D. Kosiorek Sp. K. Businessman, innovator, engineer by education, responsible for technology, process development and cooperation with key partners. An admirer of motorization, paragliding and gliding.

Catherine Kosiorek

Vice-President of the Management Board

Co-owner of the company, responsible for HR and administrative areas and for the proper functioning of logistics processes.

Artur Konaszewski

Senior Brand Manager

A graduate of the Faculty of Management at the University of Warsaw. Responsible in the company for sales and marketing, including the implementation of tests, introduction of new products, PR, the presence of the Ceramizer brand on the Internet and co-implementation of the company’s strategy, as well as building and developing relationships with key customers from B2B segments. Areas of specialization: marketing, brand development, contact with the media, IT. Enthusiast of music (composer), motorization (motorcyclist) and new technologies (gadgeteer ;). Contact:

Michal Borun

General Sales Manager

A graduate of the Faculty of European Studies at Kozminski University. In the company, he is responsible for sales and marketing with a focus on planning advertising budgets, brand development and its presence on the web, introducing and testing new products, co-creating the company’s development strategy and building and developing relationships with B2B and B2C customers. Privately, an admirer of motorization – especially all categories of track racing, an enthusiast of financial markets and playing on the stock exchange, a lover of sports and physical activity. Contact:

Agata Osipiak

Specialist for Customer. Implementation of order logistics and support for current B2B and B2C sales processes. Supervision over inventory and the proper course of logistics processes in the company. Contact:


Correspondence address:

CERAMIZER D. Kosiorek Sp. K.
00-716 Warsaw
hive. Bartycka 116 (first floor)
Open from Mon. to Fri. from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

NIP: 726 263 91 26, REGON: 101054667, KRS: 0000965981
District Court for Warsaw, XIII Commercial Division – National Court Register

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