Fleet - preparations for the regeneration of the engine, gearbox and other mechanisms


Ceramizers are perfect for individual cars. Having a fleet of vehicles we get an additional effect of scale.

For companies with more than 20 cars, we have prepared a special fleet savings program. With long-term cooperation, in addition to the benefits obtained from the first purchase of our products, entrepreneurs can count on attractive discounts when buying subsequent doses of preparations for current and future vehicles in the fleet.

The Fleet savings program is a concept based on the partnership assessment of the benefits that can be achieved by the customer by actively including Ceramizer in the fleet serowiss plan.

Achievable goals are:

  • Achieving savings on fuel consumption.
  • Achieving savings on engine oil consumption.
  • Increasing service intervals in vehicles.
  • Extending the life of vehicles by regenerating mechanisms such as: gearbox, power steering system, rear bridges.


Each fleet is assessed individually and the dosage of individual preparations is determined on the basis of the technical condition of individual vehicles.

We present an example model showing the level of savings achieved with a fleet of 20 buses.


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Additional benefits:

  • Ceramizer protects the engine from seizure in the event of an emergency oil leak.
  • Ceramizer increases motor efficiency by increasing and equalizing compression pressures.
  • Ceramizer extends engine maintenance intervals.
  • Ceramizer regenerates and increases the life of the engine.

In order to determine the dosage, the level of the discount granted, determine the actual level of savings for a specific fleet of vehicles, please contact:

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