Ceramizers for bicycles

Ceramic grease and chain cleaners and maintenance products should be within reach of every cyclist. Ceramizer® products are a guarantee that the bicycle journey will always run smoothly, and the chain will withstand even the greatest loads.

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  • Grease (CBB) – regenerative ceramic grease for bicycle chain

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Products for bicycles

Cycling is an eventful pastime that has a positive effect on health and well-being. How to ensure that every bicycle trip takes place safely and without interruptions? The answer, of course, is the proper service and maintenance of bicycle parts.

Ceramic grease

Ceramizer® is not only an additive to engine oil. We also offer a special ceramic grease that regenerates the friction surfaces of the bicycle chain and prevents it from further wear. Ceramizer® grease can be used for bicycles:

  • Urban
  • Road bikes
  • MTB
  • off-road.

Under the influence of grease, the links and teeth of the sprockets are resistant to sudden overloads. This, in turn, significantly reduces the risk of damage to the chain. Like engine formulations, Ceramizer® grease is characterized by simplicity of use and high efficiency. The syringe, which is part of the set, allows for precise and “clean” application of the preparation on the chain. What’s more, the appropriate viscosity of the grease means that it remains only within the chain and dirt on other parts of the bike does not appear. The ceramic-metal layer on the surface of the chain is maintained during the distance of 350 km, even despite difficult weather conditions.

Chain cleaning and maintenance

For cleaning the bicycle chain, we offer a specialized spray Hyper C-Cleaner Auto Repair. It is suitable for cleaning any type of chain. Effectively removes grease, bitumen and other deposits. It can also be used to clean metal parts and tools. It is enough to spray the chain or other element from a distance of 20 – 25 cm and wipe with a dry cloth. The preparation works very quickly and after evaporation does not leave traces or streaks. After cleaning the chain with Hyper C-Cleaner spray, we recommend using Ceramizer® grease to ensure proper maintenance.