Ceramizers for scooters

The use of Ceramizer® preparations ensures engine regeneration and trouble-free operation of the scooter. In addition, the user can count on a reduction in fuel consumption, greater dynamics of the vehicle and silencing and stabilization of its work.

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  • Fuel (CP) – Ceramizer – Fuel refiner

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  • Two-stroke (CM-2T) – Ceramizer for two-stroke engines

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Scooter products

Scooters are a very popular means of transport, both among older and younger drivers. Although their operation is usually not as intensive as in the case of large motorcycles, it is worth thinking in advance about the condition of the engine. Ceramizer® for two-stroke engines is an ideal solution, due to the fact that in most scooters there is just such a type of power unit.

Regeneration of the two-stroke engine

Choosing a ceramic oil additive is a guarantee of effective and at the same time completely trouble-free regeneration of the engine. It is carried out without disassembly, since it is sufficient to apply the preparation to the oil infusion. The effect of Ceramizer® is to create a special coating that regenerates and protects the engine. However, the list of benefits of choosing this product is much longer and also includes:

  • reduction of fuel consumption in the range from 3% to 15%,
  • silencing and stabilization of engine operation,
  • equalization of compression pressure,
  • slight increase in vehicle dynamics,
  • protection against costly repairs.

Fuel refiners and repair kits

Ceramizer® for two-stroke engines is not all that we can offer scooter lovers. It is worth considering the purchase of a fuel refiner that cleans the entire fuel system, supports the operation of the engine, and even reduces the emission of harmful substances contained in the exhaust gases. Another interesting solution is also the repair kit No. 7. This is a package of two preparations for the engine, the purchase of which saves money, compared to the purchase of two separate products.