Ceramizers for passenger cars

We offer a wide range of preparations that ensure the regeneration of the engine and other important mechanisms. Thanks to the use of Ceramizer® products, passenger cars operate dynamically and reliably, and their service life is extended.

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  • Engine (CS) – Ceramizer for four-stroke petrol, diesel, LPG engines

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  • Engine (CSX) – Ceramizer for regeneration of four-stroke engines of sports and extreme vehicles powered by PB, LPG, ON

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  • Ceramizer CBAT for automatic transmissions

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  • Transmission (CB) – Ceramizer for manual transmissions and rear axles

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  • Steering wheel (CK) – Ceramizer for hydraulic power steering

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  • Fuel (CP) – Ceramizer – Fuel refiner

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  • Fuel (CP2) – Ceramizer – Fuel refiner

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  • Ceramizer CS One-Shot

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  • Ceramizer

    Ceramizer Pro – set 1 (10 CS)

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  • Ceramizer

    Ceramizer Pro – set 2 (5 CS, 5 CB)

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Products for passenger cars

For most people, a passenger car is the most commonly used type of vehicle. Many drivers use it almost every day. Take care of your car if you also belong to this group.

Regenerative additive to engine oil

Ceramizer®, our flagship product, is the perfect choice for every passenger car user. This preparation for the engine regenerates the most worn areas and prevents their further degradation. The effect of its use is to reduce fuel consumption and stabilize engine operation. The properties of® Ceramizer mean that thanks to it you can prevent costly failures. We also offer extreme series products, which are designed for four-stroke engines, used in a sporty and extreme way. The engine is not the only mechanism within which ceramizer® is worth using. It also comes in the form of an additive to the gearbox oil. It works similarly to the engine preparation, but in addition to manual transmissions, it can also be used in rear bridges and reducers.

Engine Attachment Kits

Our products are available both individually and in the form of sets. They are often used as gift sets, but they are also a way to optimize costs, due to attractive prices.

  • Ceramizer® PRO – a special product for service sales in workshops and service points. It contains 10 doses of Ceramizer for® four-stroke engines.
  • Repair kits – 5 types of sets consisting of preparations for engine regeneration, gearbox, hydraulic power steering system and fuel refiner.
  • Gift sets – Ceramizer® products with attractive accessories.
  • AutoRepair product kits – Ceramizer® products with Anti-gel preparations to prevent fuel freezing or Engine Flush rinse for engine cleaning.