Ceramizers for lawn mowers and petrol saws

During garden work, it is worth reaching for additives to Ceramizer® oil. Special preparations improve the work of mowers, scythes and petrol saws. They can also be used for snow blowers or leaf blowers. Thanks to a simple application, the mechanism, which works briefly but intensively, will get the right protection.

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  • Fuel (CP) – Ceramizer – Fuel refiner

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  • Engine (CG-4T) – Ceramizer for four-stroke engines of garden equipment

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  • Two-stroke (CG-2T) – Ceramizer for two-stroke engines of garden equipment

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Products for mowers, saws and other small engines

The use of motor equipment in and around the garden has become an everyday reality. In addition to mowers, leaf blowers or snow blowers are becoming more and more popular. To meet the expectations of customers, we have prepared special lines of Ceramizer® products, adapted for both two-stroke and four-stroke engines in garden machines and devices.

Ceramics for garden equipment engine

For the application of the preparation for engine regeneration , it is not required to dismantle the mechanism or even interrupt work in the garden. All you need is to apply a dose of Ceramizer® to the oil infusion. Although in each type of engine the use of the product is identical, some differences exist in the context of operation. In two-stroke engines, a special protective layer is formed during 15 hours of operation, and its duration of operation is 400 hours. In a four-stroke engine, the formation of a protective coating takes 30 hours, which translates into at least 1400 hours of its operation. What is worth emphasizing, the offered oil additive works well both with hand-used equipment, such as saws or petrol scythes, as well as in self-propelled mowers. In general, the product is used for many types of machines, such as:

  • lawn mowers,
  • self-propelled mowers (popular tractors),
  • petrol scythes,
  • petrol saws,
  • leaf blowers,
  • snow blowers,
  • Sweepers
  • Generators
  • other machinery and equipment.

Another product that, next to Ceramizer®, has a beneficial effect on the work of garden equipment is a fuel refiner. This preparation has a cleansing effect on the fuel system. This is especially important in the context of garden work, when it comes to working in conditions full of dust or dust. The refiner cleans the mechanism, but also prolongs its service life.