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Technical Advice

Take care of the most important components in your car with Ceramizer products

If your car, motorcycle, farm tractor or other vehicle has been revealing worrying concerns for some time, it may mean…

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What is worth knowing about engine renovation before it is made?

A car, like a human being, sometimes ceases to function normally. Sometimes you can hear incorrect operation of individual components.…

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How to eliminate grinding when changing gears?

To understand where the problems with our manual transmission come from, it is first necessary to understand how it works.…

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What additive will stop the engine from taking oil?

When we notice that our engine is taking oil, we do not have to be immediately carried away by panic.…

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What are the causes of gearbox wear?

The gearbox is the second, after the engine, the most important element in your car. With it, you can adjust…

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What are the most common causes of engine wear?

The engine is the most important part of the vehicle - a car without it is like a man without…

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Is there an alternative to Ecodriving?

Is there an alternative to Ecodriving? What else can be done to reduce fuel consumption? On the driving license course,…

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