Take care of the most important components in your car with Ceramizer products - preparations for the regeneration of the engine, gearbox and other mechanisms
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Take care of the most important components in your car with Ceramizer products

If your car, motorcycle, farm tractor or other vehicle has been revealing worrying concerns for some time, it may mean that you are about to visit the workshop and have an expensive overhaul. Does it have to be this way and is it the only solution? Of course not! Sometimes major accidents can be prevented, and it’s not expensive at all. It is sufficient to apply a special preparation, the cost of which is only a few dozen euro.

Engine problems

At the beginning, it is worth taking an interest in the engine, because it is a key mechanism that is constantly subjected to various challenges. Even the most efficient and efficient power unit is unfortunately not 100% resistant to faults and failures. Running parts of the engine are naturally subject to wear, which significantly reduces the efficiency of the engine, and as a consequence can contribute to the occurrence of serious failures. The costs of engine overhaul are very high and can range from 1000 to even 5000 zlotys. In extreme cases, engine repair will simply be unprofitable, due to the high cost of this service, in comparison with the value of the entire vehicle. It is worth preventing problems instead of reacting to them, because thanks to this you can save a lot of time, money and nerves. So what symptoms should worry the driver? First of all, one should not underestimate the phenomenon of the so-called. oil intake, because it is a basic signal that the mechanism is not working as it should. Attention should also be paid to the loud operation of the engine, the emission of unusual sounds and a decrease in dynamics. Excessive fuel consumption is alarming if there is no change in the degree of operation of the mechanism at the same time.

Ceramization to the rescue

The solution that will avoid failures and the associated costly repairs is to reach for special additives for engine oil. For the statistical Kowalski, who drives a passenger car on a daily basis, Ceramizer® CS will be a good choice, while lovers of extreme driving should reach for Ceramizer® CSX . Both preparations work on the same principle – they produce a special ceramic-metal coating, whose task is to fill all cavities and rebuild micro-damage, which ultimately leads to engine regeneration. Ceramizer® preparations, when applied to engine oil, automatically restore the nominal condition of the engine. Thanks to this, the problems described above are solved and the engine gains additional protection over a distance of about 70,000 km. In this way, you can get rid of the disturbing vision of an expensive renovation.

Critical gearbox

Is it possible to identify a mechanism in motor vehicles that would be exposed to equally serious loads and its repair would involve the same high costs as in the case of an engine? Yes, because the above description fits perfectly into gearboxes. It is worth emphasizing that while the repair of a manual transmission usually does not cost more than FROM 3,000 to 5,000 zlotys, in the case of automatic transmissions, repair costs can reach up to PLN 15,000. Meanwhile, gearbox parts are highly exposed to wear. This is especially true for bearings and synchronizers. It is worth emphasizing that excessive wear of this mechanism is often caused by its improper use. Changing gears too quickly, loading the transmission at low revs or not changing the oil in the gearbox usually have very adverse consequences. The harbinger of the upcoming troubles are primarily the clashes when changing gears, which are a symptom of wear and tear of the synchronizers and noise during driving, which signal the poor condition of the bearings.

Transmission regeneration thanks to gearbox oil additives

If our goal is to avoid costly replacement of bearings or synchronizers, you should decide in advance to regenerate the gearbox. The latter is guaranteed by additions to the gearbox oil. Ceramizer® CB restores the proper condition of manual transmission parts, and Ceramizer® CBAT performs the same task in automatic transmissions. These additives work on the same principle as preparations for the engine, and therefore the regeneration of the mechanism takes place with a negligible participation of the vehicle operator. Thanks to them, the critical mechanism, which is undoubtedly the gearbox, gains protection over a distance of up to 100,000 km.

Dangerous fuel system contamination

Is it possible to completely eliminate the risk of accumulation of contaminants within the fuel system? Unfortunately, this is not possible and even refueling the best quality fuel at the stations of recognized fuel companies will not help here. Some of the pollutants are formed as a result of a completely natural process, i.e. condensation of water. Temperature changes inside the fuel tank make the air in it subject to a condensation process. Contact of water with the walls of the tank leads to corrosion and rust. Although fuel filters protect against such contaminants to some extent, it will never be possible to stop all particles 100%. Rust particles reaching the injectors interfere with their proper functioning, which in the long run may lead to the appearance of defects. Repairing or regenerating injectors is not as expensive as it is with an engine or gearbox, but either way, they involve an expense that can be a problem for many people. Excessive contamination of the fuel system can also result in a loss of engine dynamics, as well as problems with its start-up, especially at low temperatures.

Fuel refiner the solution to problems

How to avoid problems with the fuel system? In addition to refueling with the right quality, which should be a priority for every driver, it is worth regularly using the Ceramizer® CP fuel refiner. This preparation can be used with any type of fuel and in any engine. Its task is to remove impurities from the fuel supply system and keep it clean. In addition, the fuel additive reduces the level of fuel combustion, improves engine dynamics and facilitates its start at low temperatures. That is why it is worth remembering about it especially in winter, when the vehicle may refuse to obey. Like other Ceramizer ® products, the fuel refiner improves lubrication and reduces friction within the fuel system, which extends its service life.

Engine contamination

Contaminants are also dangerous for the engine as a whole. Various types of deposits, nagars and lacquers constantly accumulate within the internal parts of the power unit. The main effect of their impact is a decrease in engine efficiency, and a further consequence of various types of failures. An extreme, but extremely dangerous case is the blockage of oil channels, which is a consequence of the accumulation of impurities. In the absence of patency of the channels, the oil is not properly distributed and does not properly protect the engine. This state of affairs can even lead to seizure of the engine.

How to take care of cleanliness in the engine?

The answer to the above question is very simple. A suitable cleaning agent should be used. An example of such a preparation is a rinse for the Engine Flush Power engine. The rinse not only removes all debris from the engine at lightning speed, but also promotes the operation of components that are most susceptible to contamination. It is worth emphasizing that the rinse for the engine is a preparation completely safe for the power unit. Its operation does not cause damage to the gaskets.

An addition that improves the work of the steering wheel

Although the steering system does not play such a critical role as the engine or gearbox, problems in its functioning can also affect drivers. Owners of more worn-out vehicles often complain that the steering wheel does not rotate as smoothly as at the beginning of operation. If the driver begins to feel resistance when making turns, this is a clear sign that it is time to reach for Ceramizer® CK . The purpose of this preparation is the regeneration of the hydraulic power steering system. The effect of its operation is not only the reconstruction of the mechanism, but also protection against corrosion and maintaining the proper condition of individual parts.

Ceramizer®, or prevention instead of response

If you prefer to prevent breakdowns and do not want to spend amounts counted in thousands of zlotys on repairs, you should start using Ceramizer® brand products. These are relatively cheap and easy to use preparations that bring measurable benefits to the engine, gearbox, power steering system or fuel supply system. From the driver’s point of view, it is very important that regeneration or purification processes take place under normal operating conditions. Oil additives, fuel refiners and engine rinses can be used at home and do not require a visit to the workshop. What’s more, your vehicle won’t be immobilized for a day or two, which is usually the case with typical repairs. Another advantage of Ceramizer® products is versatility – you can use solutions dedicated to passenger cars, trucks, motorcycles, agricultural tractors and other machines and devices. To sum up, reach for innovative additions today and start taking care of your vehicle.

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